Friday, April 17, 2015

Citrix admins prepare for NPAPI being disabled by Google Chrome

To improve Chrome’s security and stability, Google announced late last year that NPAPI plugin support, a capability we’ve depended on for years, will be disabled by default in Chrome in April 2015. The NPAPI plugin that Receiver for Windows and Mac install enables Receiver for Web to detect that Receiver is installed and enables users to launch applications simply by clicking on them. The removal of NPAPI support will affect user experience for users who access Citrix Receiver for Web using the Chrome browser on Windows and Mac.
After first making a backup of my files, I edited the files referenced in this Citrix article. While testing I noticed that regardless if Receiver is installed, opening the StoreWeb site in Chrome used HTML5 to open the published application in a new browser tab. Opening the site in Internet Explorer used Receiver if installed, otherwise it uses HTML5 if your site is configured for it.

We already have quite a few users using our Citrix site in a browser despite having Receiver installed because that's the way they are used to using it. I'm not going to change things on them now. I restored the original files and kept a copy of the edited to use when Google finally kills off NPAPI plugin support in September 2015. Then when users start reporting access issues with Chrome I'll be ready.